Mineral Bath Oil Eucalyptus
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  • Kneipp Mineral Bath Oil Eucalyptus
  • Develops a pleasant aroma and can provide you with a beneficial and relieving bath experience when there is a risk of cold and cold symptoms such as cough,runny nose,congestion and sore throat
  • With the beneficial effect of warm water and eucalyptus bath oil, your body becomes pleasantly comforted and your well-being can noticeably improve
  • Enjoy a moment of relief when feeling sick and under the weather
  • Provides relief for congestion and opens airways
  • Transforms bath into beautiful and relaxing shades of blue and green to revive your mood with color therapy
  • Eucalyptus is known to naturally ease respiratory problems, stimulate circulation and free the airways to help combat cold, cough,runny nose,nasal congestion and sore throat
  • 100 ml

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