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Petite Votive Candle Set
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  • Nest Fragrances Petite Votive Candle Set
  • A six-piece sampling votive candles in lovely fragrances
  • Bamboo Candle: scent of flowering bamboo with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords
  • Grapefruit Candle: scent of pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green nuances blended with lily of the valley and coriander blossom
  • Moroccan Amber Candle: Scent of Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope and bergamot, and a hint of eucalyptus
  • Linen Candle: crisp linen accord combined with white orchid, apple blossom, and the essence of a summer breeze
  • Rose Noir & Oud Candle: Rose de mai and smoky oud combined with hints of incense, black leather, and patchouli
  • Velvet Pear Candle: Velvety Anjou pear and crisp apple combined with crushed lemon leaves and hints of peony
  • 1 oz each

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