Cartier The Impossible Collection
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  • Assouline Cartier The Impossible Collection
  • Silk hardcover in a silk clamshell
  • Internal clamshell in suede
  • 17.0 lbs
  • W 16 x L 19 x D 3 in
  • 224 pages
  • 195 illustrations
  • Released in October 2023
  • One of the world’s premier luxury jewelers since the nineteenth century, Cartier evokes a world of artistry and beauty, a legacy of unequaled prestige. By 1909, Cartier was the first international jeweler of its time, with boutiques in Paris, London and New York, and warrants as official supplier to many royal courts. Cartier established a unique network founded on exceptional knowledge of the precious gemstone market and developed a revolutionary style that has proven timeless, a refined language capturing each era’s ephemeral nature, from sober restraint to enthusiastic opulence.

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